How to get a job working in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

How to get a job working with artificial intelligence/machine learning

Artificial intelligence is all the rage, and there’s good money to be made in an industry that’s still largely emerging from its infancy. But, the problems that AI solves are not easy, and to work in the AI industry you will need a strong and focused set of skills. 

In many sectors, machines have already taken over monotonous jobs. Manufacturing is a prime example. Auto and aerospace manufacturers use machines heavily in their assembly lines. In fact, machines completely transformed the way that our cars are built. 

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a fad. It’s here to stay

And, that means the industry will need a skilled workforce to build, test and deploy more and more artificial brains around the world. Get in early and you’ll stand to make a lot of money. 

Not to mention help change the world. 

If you are interested in a career in artificial intelligence, then you’re in the right place. 

1. Know the Latest Innovations

Get the latest developments on Ai/ML from leading publications like BecomingHuman.Ai. Becomeing Human has numerous tutorials and free courses to up your game. Additionally, you can take courses from Udacity, Coursera to online courses from MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley.

There’s no excuse not to enroll in a class to enhance your skills. Learn not only about machine learning and the basics of modern AI, but really explore the numerous applications and huge possibilities in the filed of AI

IBM’s VP of HR Obed Louissaint was asked about what it takes to succeed in AI, and he was very clear, sharing one trait, followed by a close second: Curiosity and passion. “We are at the cusp of something that is going to be with us for the next several decades. It requires a curiosity of thinking about how technology is going to really augment human intelligence and help solve the world’s toughest problems through machine learning. Passion is also very important.”

2. Start Networking

You need to start networking both online and in the real world. When people see you at events, meetups, you will begin developing relationships which will open up new opportunties.

Online Communities:

If you’re eyeing an AI career, mark your calendar with these AI conferences:

Networking, Local Meetups and attending AI related events will not only help you make invaluable connections, but you will be able to learn all of the state-of-the-art innovations. Because AI is evolving so rapidly, staying on top of the latest advancements is paramount.

3. How to Read a Job Description for FIT

“Go directly to the position’s main duties and line them up with the company’s mission statement. Are you able to see how the everyday tasks lineup with the overall progress of the company and customers,” says career expert Heather Human. “It isn’t just your position that affects your passion for a career—it’s the company as a whole. Look to the website for the organization’s values and compare them to the impact you hope to have on customers—or even the world”

4. Become a Constant Learner

“The smartest people want to gravitate towards the world’s toughest problems,” says Louissaint. “If you’ve got that curiosity and passion to address the world’s toughest problems and you’re not going to relent until you make progress, then you’re probably right for AI.”

5. Rebrand

Content curation is a way to encourage interest in your brand on social media. If you are transitioning careers or shifting into AI, it’s important to show that interested on LinkedIn, Medium or Facebook. Share articles, engage with influencers, updates your professional summary and be sure to weave in or highlight the skills that a company is looking for

“When considering skills and requirements, it’s important to be honest with yourself and the company, says Human. “Overselling your skills or ability to learn new things quickly could set you up for a stressful start — or worse, failure.”

6. Job boards/places to find ML work

All of this theory is great, but where do you actually go to find job postings related to AI?

Traditional jobs board are a good place to start however since they are not as focused on AI, they don’t have the deep community reach as more focused Jobs boards have. As a result, many of the top employers, start their posting with the niche AI Jobs Boards and communities first.

You can find out latest AI Jobs Listings here.

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