Artificial Intelligence Data Engineer – Orange County, CA

Artificial Intelligence Data Engineer

Artificial Intelligence Data Engineer
(yearlong remote contract to hire position)

This candidate needs to know…
-Data sciences
-How to look at data and manage through it
-Understand the most modern and current AI algorithms
-Algorithms and models

What this means…
-You will be looking at X-rays and advisors doctors what to do
-Very specifically towards patient
– You will be responsible for running the healthcare innovations
– This will help humans go through the finance projects
-our client want to make it as fluid as possible
-he wants this person to do computer vision
-the person that will be doing a lot of research
-natural language processing
– You must have machine learning engineer experience
– You need to understand the model but know how to code it
– Our clients wants someone with energy and passion
– Our client wants someone who can ask a lot of questions
– the grab and go and this person cannot be passive

2 core areas our client is looking for…
1) Can you look at a problem and use their experience to figure out which kind of machine learning model to apply to solve that problem?
-interactive voice
-understand natural language and be able to pull data and give it back to the person that is asking the question

2) another part they want is someone who is a doer
-someone who is going to say is not only can I tell you what model to use but also by the way Stanford released this model and it does A B C and D and that’s fantastic for us to look at and not only that we can code it

in total someone who identifies the issue but can solve the problem

1) wellfit is pushing C Sharp and .net
-everything runs in the cloud
-edge commuting – a device running on the edge… this will help
-To find the cat you might want to use GCP – and use their servers and make the process really quick
-speech to text …edge compute speak to text
-looking for someone who has experience building products in the cloud

-they have 3 different environments
-they don’t need someone an expert and anyone but has more of a jack of all trades or grand understanding
-someone who has deployed in that environment
-has a projection running model in that environment

as long as you have the experience on how to bring that technology into a production environment

MUST know how to code!


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