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Blockchain Developer

You know Kiva as a mission-driven platform focused on expanding access to finance to help underserved entrepreneurs and communities thrive. We provide the data layer that enables financial institutions like Kiva to operate successfully.

At Pngme, we are building a data platform to change the way individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses access finance in sub-Saharan Africa. Financial institutions use our data to make mission critical decisions that drive access to finance in sub-Saharan Africa. While capital is plentiful, it does not flow equally. Why? Without access to the right data, financial institutions cannot properly measure risk or develop financial products tailored to their customers! Africa is the fastest growing developer ecosystem in the world, but there is still a high barrier to entry for developers to access holistic financial data on their customers. It is Pngme’s mission to democratize developers’ access to data and close the finance gap for millions of individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses in sub-Saharan Africa.

We see value in providing equal access to capital so people can increase their wealth and opportunity, despite their limited resources. By providing access to data, we enable financial institutions to comfortably deploy their capital and make data-driven decisions to drive the growth of their business. It isn’t just access to data, it’s also a matter of putting data ownership back into the hands of people. With equal access and ownership of data, we give people financial choice and freedom.

We are growing our Tribe and looking for a diverse slate of individuals to help us democratize access to the financial data that reduces perceived risk in Africa and beyond. We love our product, but we love our people more, recognizing that without them, none of this would be possible. We know there is so much talent out there, with so much to offer, but who feel lost or unappreciated in their current position. We want to invite those folks to join Pngme. In case you missed it, we believe in data sovereignty and data ownership. As it so happens, we are in need of a talented Blockchain Developer to create self-sovereign financial data profiles for tens of thousands of users on our platform.

As a Blockchain Developer at Pngme you will be building and architecting the infrastructure needed to verify, validate, and secure identity and financial data to a distributed ledger, while creating a self-sovereign financial identity for each of our users. You are going to handle data that is completely novel in nature and incredibly rare. Our product is live and in the hands of tens of thousands of real-world customers. Success in this role will only come from a relationship based in trust and an understanding of blockchain development (specifically Ethereum and DAG based blockchains).

You can trust us to…

  • provide a playground of opportunity, and the tools you need to be productive
  • treat you as the expert you are
  • allow you to move fast and make mistakes
  • communicate our expectations and keep you updated as plans change
  • regard you as an integral and valued member of our Tribe
  • trust you

We will trust you to…

  • have the experience and desire to build in an empty playground
  • be someone who can come through the fire
  • feel comfortable taking risks
  • learn and innovate quickly
  • be the best friend of progress
  • always iterate as needed
  • take raw data and build a self-sovereign financial identity
  • trust us

Some of the technologies you like and what you’ll be working with

  • Golang, Solidity, GraphQL, TypeScript, Scala or JAVA
  • AWS Lambda

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