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Who You Are

You possess a strong foundation in Machine Learning and Statistics and are motivated to apply those skills to solve mission critical problems faced by leading international financial institutions. You are an experienced quantitative thinker who is excited to work at a fast growing company where you will have the chance to apply and expand your scientific and engineering skills in the fields of Risk Modeling; Natural Language Processing such as Entity Linking, Document Classification, and Topic Modeling; Building scalable Data and Model pipelines; and Model Monitoring. You are collaborative by nature and share Quantifind’s commitment to winning together, and are eager to see your coworkers build on the technical foundations you will be creating. You are passionate about maintaining the high scientific and engineering standards required to build production grade solutions. Above all, you are a curious and independent problem solver who is motivated to find a place where your skills can have real impact.

Who We Are

Quantifind helps some of the world’s biggest banks catch money laundering and fraud. Quantifind also works with government agencies to use the same platform to uncover criminal networks and combat election tampering. Unlike other players in this space, Quantifind delivers results as software-as-a-service (SaaS) with consumer-grade user experiences.

Quantifind is a data science technology company whose AI platform uncovers signals of risk across disparate and unstructured text sources. In financial crimes risk management, Quantifind’s solution uniquely combines internal financial institution data with public domain data to assess risk in the context of Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Fraud Risk Management, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes. Today these compliance processes are burdened by ever-increasing regulatory responsibilities and an expectation of frictionless transactions. Legacy technologies demand increasingly more human resources as the operations expand; Quantifind’s solution offers a way to cut through the inefficiency and enhance effectiveness through Machine Learning driven solutions that resolve for both accuracy and relevance.

To help you succeed, we provide a supportive environment that fosters collaboration between teams and team members, where learning and professional growth are considered a key part of your success, and of ours. We offer a flexible work environment with a family friendly work-life balance.

What a Great Candidate Looks Like: 

  • MS or higher in the following areas: Statistics and Mathematics
  • At least 3-5 years of professional industry experience, in addition to your academic experience
  • Strong programming experience in two or more of the following: Scala / Java, R, Python
  • Outstanding quantitative analytical ability
  • Able to take less than precise business requirements and translate them into statistical problems which you enjoy solving
  • Can develop methods and algorithms from first principles where necessary as opposed to relying fully on packaged third party solutions
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with prior experience explaining assumptions, conclusions and methodology to both internal and external customers
  • In-depth knowledge of Statistics / Probability / Machine Learning including core Statistical concepts such as hypothesis testing, estimation, and inference, and Machine Learning foundations such as bias/variance trade-off, regularization, dimension reduction, and model interpretation
  • Supervised and unsupervised statistical techniques such as regression (linear / logistic / tree based ensembles), clustering
  • Experience with unstructured text data using NLP methods such as Named Entity Recognition, Topic Modeling, Large Scale Document Classification, Word Embeddings, and Text Similarity
  • Basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms with a focus on complexity and performance implications
  • Experience with SQL

The Opportunity We Offer

Quantifind is seeking to fill a Full-Stack Data Scientist position in Palo Alto, CA on our Data Science team. You will work closely with the Product Management team, fellow Data Scientists and Platform engineers to identify key business problems and develop solutions that combine data engineering with sophisticated mathematical modeling. Members of the Data Science team translate real world problems into quantitative language, find or create algorithms to solve those problems, and implement them in code. Our team values a creative and empathetic approach to problem solving and strives to maintain rigorous scientific and engineering standards. We will give you the opportunity to work on the full data science pipeline, bringing solutions from basic research all the way to production. You will have the opportunity to become a leader in the team as we continue to expand both our financial services and government business.

Quantifind is operating fully remote for the foreseeable future, but we envision an eventual return to work that includes regular in-person touchpoints and shared office space. When this time comes, a Silicon Valley home base will help facilitate interactions with our Silicon Valley-based development team.

We are an equal opportunity employer; we have a fun place to work and a devotion to succeeding together.

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