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We are Project Brains, a startup changing how ambitious businesses engage with skilled specialists to solve their challenges. We are doing away with job descriptions and keyword matching, as we think these rarely do justice to the eventual outcome or objective.

Today we are helping a private equity-held unicorn carry their amazing growth path further. This business uses cutting edge AI/ machine learning and data engineering to help large enterprises in many sectors, e.g. banking, retail, industrial, etc.

These enterprises sit on large amounts of unstructured data. This can sometimes be in the form of public or web documents. At other times this is in internal documents like emails or PDFs. And some times it is in visual form, like pictures. Our client helps users extract usable intelligence from this to gain insights and drive high-quality process.

To be successful, you will be a team player and flexible. You will bring deep insights in at least one industry sector, but also be willing and able to span out to other sectors. You will have a passion for technology solutions, esp. in helping users drive value from data.

This is a fast-paced, hands-on, open environment. You will work with an international, highly-capable team based in the US and Asia, and growing in Europe. The work is largely remote, but with regular visits to the office to meet users and colleagues.

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