Machine Learning and Data Science Engineer

Machine Learning and Data Science Engineer

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Machine Learning and Data Science Engineer Position


MLPro is founded by a pair of Stanford Applied ML Ph.D. and MBA to connect vetted machine learning and data science talents with the most innovative companies. We redefine how technical recruiting should be done and give power back to ML and data science candidates.


Unlike traditional headhunters, who are hired by companies to source specific talents and pitch you only their paying clients, we represent talents’ best interest because we work with all innovative companies deploying ML and data science technology.


How it works:

1.    We collect information on your ML and data science technical skills through a 60-min automated case study to generate work samples. We will use performance data to connect you with relevant jobs that match your skill sets.

2.    If you pass the initial screening, we will have a more focused / domain-specific follow-up round with you and set up a quick call to learn about your career aspirations and gather a list of your dream jobs.

3.    With that information, we will reach out to employers on your wish list anonymously with your work samples (generated from our case study) and will make an internal referral / warm intro through our extensive network upon mutual interest.


What you will get:

1.    Our dedicated team with an extensive network in Technology and Silicon Valley working for you and open you up to our pre-established referral channels with top companies (including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, JP Morgan, Whatnot, Glassdoor, Adobe, Spotify, E&Y, Unity, Linkedin, Yelp, Twitter, Tiktok, Anthem, etc.)

2.    You get compensated for your time completing our case study to generate work samples (only upon passing and a successful placement by us).

3.    We are here for you. You can access our platform to practice interview questions and coding challenges. Our interests are aligned, and we want to see you succeed.


Apply today, and we will reach out with information on the next step. We look forward to becoming a helpful resource in your career journey.


We are a startup ourselves 🙂 We limit our initial cohorts to 10 candidates to ensure we can provide the best ML and data science job placements. So make sure to apply early.


Peter and Sam

Co-founders of MLPro




Required skills: Python including basic mathematical computing libraries such as NumPy, machine learning fundamentals, and data science fundamentals.


Skills we will assess you on for more targeted job placement: computer vision knowledge, NLP knowledge, understanding research papers, Python ML libraries such as scikit-learn, NLTK, OpenCV, and Keras, deep learning, mathematical sophistication, SQL, and C++.


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