Machine Learning Engineer – New York City Metropolitan Area

Machine Learning Engineer

We understand these are tough times for a lot of individuals and families. Our hope is to keep the engine oil of our economy fine tuned–the engine oil being the employees of America.

We are working with 10-15 tech companies here in NYC who are still growing their teams remotely, as we all overcome the COVID-19 pandemic as one.

Companies these jobs are with:

  • Top 5 Hedge Fund
  • Social Media / Blockchain Start-up
  • AI Start-up for Cities / Towns
  • AI Document Start-up
  • Large Investment Bank

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  • 3-7+ Years Data Science and/or Software Engineering Experience
  • Python Experience Required for many of these
  • ML/NLP Experience preferred for some of these, and a bonus for others
  • Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Data Degree highly preferred
  • Good communication / Ability to work with a team


Start-ups – $125k – $250k + equity

Fintech Companies (Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, etc.) – $150k – $500k total cash compensation

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