Machine Learning Research Engineer – Mountain View, CA

Machine Learning Research Engineer

We are looking for people passionate about self-driving vehicles to join in and help us build top class autonomous self-driving vehicles.We are looking for Machine Learning Research Engineer with strong programming and development skills and experience with machine learning. Experiences with machine learning algorithm, applications and frameworks are required. Our mission is to solve the autonomous driving problem. You will work with a team of machine learning researchers to build AI software systems, learn about deep learning algorithms, and use your technical skills to advance autonomous driving.

Job Responsibilities:

1.Work with the team to develop new deep learning algorithms and applications.

2. Run experiments on mainstream machine learning frameworks, learn, and iterate with the team.

3. Feel comfortable to optimize machine learning algorithms and think creatively.

4. Apply latest machine learning algorithms to solve new problems in computer vision, natural language processing, and voice recognition areas.

Job Requirements:

1.PhD in machine learning or computer vision with 2+ industry experience, or master with 4+ industry experiences in the required domain.

2. Experiences with at least one main stream machine learning frameworks, including caffe, convNet, Tensor Flow, Torch, Theano etc.

3. Solid understanding and deduction capability with latest machine learning algorithms, including latest DNN models, reinforcement learning, traditional machine learning algorithms (SVM, Random forest, clustering algorithms etc) and the math needed to advance them.

4. Experience with DNN application in image recognition, image segmentation, object detection, object tracking, voice recognition, scene understanding, NLP.

5. Computer science fundamentals and programming skills are not required but are a plus.

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