Research Software Engineer – San Francisco, CA

Research Software Engineer

We are an early-stage startup looking to disrupt the data privacy and cybersecurity markets. Our product will deliver technology, not process, to help businesses provide value to consumers while leveraging their data without violating privacy, security, and trust requirements. Our patent-pending innovation combines cryptography, differential privacy, and distributed ledgers, to ensure ownership, and use of, consumer data, adhering to regulations by design.

We are looking for a highly skilled engineer with strong foundations in both computer science and mathematics. They will be responsible for the research, design and development of core algorithmic capabilities in the areas of cryptography, statistical anonymization, AI/ML and distributed ledgers, working within a fault-tolerant microservice architecture, and ensuring application stability, security and responsiveness.

Our ideal candidate is a technical expert that gets things done by using their smarts and whatever tools make sense for the job at hand. Someone who loves to stand on the shoulders of giants to solve new problems and thrives in a rapidly innovating space working with other smart people.

Your Day-to-day

    • Research, design and implement cutting edge solutions to core problems in privacy and cybersecurity
    • Developing services and APIs that interact with the front-end application and third parties
    • Maintaining quality and ensure the responsiveness of the applications
    • Understanding and implementing security and data protection standards
    • Collaborating with the rest of the engineering team to design and launch new features
    • Developing new methods and tools to automate and self-heal production environments
    • Testing and tuning newly developed systems to prepare them for production deployment and ensure maximum performance at minimum cost
    • Measuring everything, providing critical operational insight into our applications
    • Maintaining expertise in current and emerging technologies and tools
    • Publishing findings, speaking at conferences, filing for patents, and contributing to Open Source solutions and communities we use

Your Tech Friends Would Say You Are

  • innovative problem solver and a tinker
  • loves to stop and teach, bring other along, and simplify the complex
  • really know about scalable distributed systems
  • built production services in cloud-native environment (AWS, GCP, Azure) and know where it’s awesome and where it hurts

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