Senior Machine Learning Engineer – San Francisco Bay Area

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

At Sense, we are transforming the Contractor Experience for the World’s Best Places to Work. Independent Workers now make up nearly 31% of the US workforce totalling almost 41 million. We are reinventing the way companies build long-term relationship with this workforce by creating the industry’s first employee engagement platform to drastically improve communication and job satisfaction. We believe this type of work is only going to get more common and the experience can be much better for the contractor.

We care deeply about the success of our customers and strive to help them achieve their goals in inspiring and engaging with their workforce. Sense is seeking a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to deliver our contractor communication platform to the world’s best places to work. Sense is a rapidly scaling company making this the best environment to take on ownership as well as learning how to grow a company.

The Chatbot team at Sense is building a Recruiting conversational assistant — a virtual assistant to help job seekers find the right opportunity. Sense’s chatbot is responsible for interactions with candidates for help gathering their relevant skills, updating their resumes and identifying those jobs for which they are best suited. We’re excited to expand the Sense Chatbot with new skills to save candidates and recruiters as much time as we can, and we’re excited to bring new capabilities such as interview scheduling and automated job & interview screening for a wide variety of roles.

We’re looking for NLP engineers and data scientists, particularly those with an interest in dialog systems, natural language processing, and/or textual analysis

Help design and develop novel chat systems within Sense
Build AI systems to handle millions of conversations
Work with Backend and web engineers to ship features.
Work cross collaboratively with product managers and designers to improve and define product scope and design.
Ship cutting-edge AI to businesses that traditionally haven’t had access to it

– 5+ years experience with building machine learning systems in a profesional setting, with 2+ years specialization in natural language processing
– Experience with Python and Keras/Tensorflow/Pytorch is recommended
– Experience with cleaning / processing / annotating data for training NLP models
– Experience with deep learning techniques in solving NLP problems for conversational assistants including language modeling, intent classification and entity recognition
– Experience with Modern NLP libraries such as spaCy, CoreNLP, Gensim, NLTK
– Interest to help shape the mission and roadmap of a team, and rallying others to join you
– Eagerness to share your ideas, and openness to those of others

Languages and technologies we use (and teach)…
– Python for development
– Keras/Tensorflow/Pytorch for training ML models
– SQL for storing and processing analytics data from the bot
– AWS for training and serving ML models

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